We are Experts in Logistics Services

Intellect Courier Services (ICS) is your best logistics solutions provider that offers the most convenient corier and faster delivery services to the nationwide logistivcs scene. We are responsible to package the needs in freight forwarding, storage, transportation and goods distributing all around the globe.

Our services include packages in sending, recieveing and business solution for all sizes of goods which range from small to heavy equipment requiring packages. We are able to handle goods from any range of special handling type like frozen temperatures requiring goods and fragile materials. Our courier is distinguished from ordinary mailing services to daily mailing services direct to your home.

Our Values

We offer pick up and delivery services for parcels and documents and global freight shipping via air, ocean, road or rail. We also offer comprehensive suite of services drawing on our global scale and local insight to deliver value across your entire supply chain, which include moving locally or interstate, oversea, corporate relocation, commercial relocation, parking and storage.

Our History

We have been doing what we know how to to best since 1998, and progressively gained reputation worldwide for our tremendous services. We deliver across Uk and over 250 services points in different parts of the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our customers, employees and investors even more successful. We share a set of common values. To deliver excellent quality. Our goals for the future are laid out in our "Express Strategy 2030." built on the three pillars of Faster, Safer and Better. Make a positive impact of the lives of others by joining the LCG Family!